Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bidding Farewell To My Dear Friend Summer - Pondering On Our 2014 Fall

I've been reworking my website (ginnybrennan.com) and came across my "Chef In The Woods Giclee" Painting from a couple years ago. Made me think of fall in Appalachia. 
 I am just beginning my second year back in the Pacific Northwest. 
Happy to be here, but "miss'in me" some 
South West Virginia.

I recently had an opportunity to do a little study of Japanase "Notan" art and this was my take.  I used Sepia and was quite pleased with my cityscape.  

Recycle/Upcycle Art  - my newest 2014 endeavor - has caused me to search high and low for tossed objected that can be revived with gesso and watercolor ground to make a statement for art in the home.  I am attempting to create original art that is recycled and upcycled as well as affordable for all to enjoy original art in their home and also serve a friendly gesture to mother earth.

Thank you for viewing my blog - come back at me with input which is extremely welcomed.  If you are an artist - keep at it and make yourself and others happy.  If you are interested in my art, that will make me happy, if you would like to purchase, just inquiry. Blessings on the winds to y'all.